Picture yourself

Comcolors is a communications model that uses colours to represent different aspects of our personalities that we can call on, depending on the situations we encounter or our current needs.

ComColors is a communications model that allows individuals to deal with a wide range of circumstances.

It’s a comprehensive model that looks at how people function in teams, the way they communicate with others, their behaviour under stress and the career and personal paths they choose throughout their lives.

The graphic representation of this model is first and foremost educational (see diagram, opposite).

  1. The use of colours makes it easy to learn.
  2. The six colours are easy to remember.
  3. The outer circle that surrounds the six colours represents the filter we use to communicate.
  4. The inner circle represents a beating heart (what motivates us).
  5. The external arrows are designed to help with the choice of a career path.

The comprehensive nature of this model and its richness allow it to be used in many different ways.

Advantages of the Comcolors Model

It is possible to approach this model in different ways. There are several different entry points into the model.

It’s a model meant to be used by trainers and workshop presenters. It can be adapted to meet the needs and expectations of a particular company or business.

It is adaptable and can be used with a variety of different audiences.

It is not necessary to invest large amounts of time learning how to understand and apply the model.

The different concepts presented by Comcolors are interrelated. This allows individuals to deepen their understanding of the model and its practical application throughout the different training modules. Trainees don’t need to integrate new concepts at each training session, but can build on what they’ve learned and deepen their understanding.