Certification Process

Certification Process for Train the Trainer Seminars

Upon completion of the four training sessions, participants who successfully complete the following three steps will be awarded certification.

1. Presentation of a pedagogical sequence that is randomly chosen from among several themes. The sequence will be presented to the group. Evaluation of the participant’s ability to deliver quality training: how they position themselves vis a vis the group; interaction with trainees; clarity of the presentation; interesting presentation of concepts…

2. Debriefing of a Comcolors profile in front of the group. Evaluation of how well the participant understands concepts that were learned during the training: content related to ComColors, active listening, respect of others…

3. Answering different comprehension questions about working as a ComColors trainer: training objectives, life positions, responding to a request for training…

Throughout the sessions, participants will be well-prepared for this straightforward certification process. The certification process is simply a verification that participants have integrated the concepts presented during the seminar.

Necessary tools for certification:

– Access to a Comcolors Internet account (an e-mail adress is required)

– 20 free Comcolors profiles that can be used throughout the training process

– Internet access to the “trainer’s room” on the Comcolors website, where you will find training exercises, teaching games, files to read and much more

– On-line directory of certified trainer contact information on www.ComColors.com (optional)

– A CD with the  ComColors Power Point used for training sessions

– A ComColors training manual

– The ComColors book (forthcoming in English)

– A certificate stating that the certification process has been successful, and allowing participants to use the ComColors model and profiles