Train the Trainer Seminar 

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TARGET AUDIENCE: For those who want to become ComColors trainers, leaders who want to broaden their skill base and company trainers who want to improve their training skills. This seminar is also for consultants/trainers who are looking for new tools to help students or people who are changing careers.


LENGTH: 11 days (3 + 3 + 3 + 2 days )


– Learn different techniques for leadership and presentation

– Master the Comcolors concepts and learn how to present them

– Broaden the scope of your intervention

– Learn new tools and techniques


1 – Duration 

The training is spread out over a period of 9 – 10 months, with a session every 2 months (3 three-day sessions and 1 days of certification). See our calendar on the website.

The sessions take place every 2 months in order to allow participants to:

– integrate the material

– use the concepts presented in every session

– develop their own training sessions

Our goal is to allow participants to have the time to lead workshops in between sessions, so that they can truly integrate the concepts they have examined, and so that they can position themselves with their trainees. In this way, participants become comfortable with being leaders before the end of the Train the Trainers Seminar.

2 – Peer groups

At the beginning of the first session, we create groups of peers (subgroups) who work together in between sessions so they can continue to practice and work with the training tools.

Our goal is to help participants become autonomous and responsible for their own learning.

3 – A consultant’s approach

During every session, participants learn how to work with communication tools in order to use them equally well with their trainees and their clients.

Our goal is to help participants master these techniques so that they become automatic.

4 – Tools

Our specific approach is to offer innovative tools from the ComColors model to our participants. These tools will allow participants to lead workshops and offer training in the following areas:

– Conflict management

– Interpersonal communication

– Team building

– Management

– Understanding motivation

– Sales techniques

– Public speaking

– Leading meetings

– Career guidance

– Stress and time management

Our goal is to equip participants with tools that are usually acquired from a variety of different training sessions.

5 – Efficient training

During each session, participants present aspects of pedagogy that they have learned in the preceding session. They then present pedagogy that they have developed themselves. These presentations, and the feedback from the leader and the group, are filmed and then put on the ComColors website (restricted access for trainers only).

All sessions are recorded (audio) and  are also accessible on the ComColors web site (restricted access for trainers only). This allows participants to listen to and watch previous sessions if they would like to further explore certain areas.

Also, participants are given numerous exercises, role-playing scenarios and Powerpoint presentations at each training session.

Our goal is to offer practical training to allow participants to work with, use and explain all of the concepts that are presented to them during the training.