ComColors digital tools

ComColors offers digital resources to make it easier to understand and practise its personality type model. The ComColors digital tools have been designed to be easy to use, fun and rich, just like the model itself.

All ComColors on your smartphone

The ComColors app

A digital tool to support you every day

The ComColors app has been developed to help you, whether you are :

  • Trainer/coach ;
  • Trainee in training ;
  • A day-to-day user of the ComColors model;
  • Just curious about personality types;

The content of the ComColors app adapts to your level of understanding of the model and offers you resources tailored to your needs, while being very easy to use.

Your personality profile in your pocket

Once your ComColors profile has been validated, you can find and share it in the ComColors app, including :

  • Your dominant and secondary colours ;
  • Your motivation ;
  • Your behaviour under stress;
  • Your complete assessment;

Modules for all your objectives

The ComColors app is your best ally for making full and simple use of your personality type and interacting better with others. For example, you can receive daily tips on how to stay motivated, or how to better understand your family and colleagues.

This digital tool will find its place in your daily professional and personal life, in a friendly and fun way, offering you a solution to each of your needs:

Your personal coach

Rediscover your positive energy and boost your motivation with practical, easy-to-implement advice specific to your personality type!

Improve your relationships

Identify the colour of the person of your choice and receive advice on how to understand them better, communicate effectively and manage conflict situations.

Prepare for an appointment

Make a success of your next sales or negotiation meeting by analysing the personality of the person you are meeting.

Serious Game

Discover the 6 personality types and how they work in an interactive 3D animation module.

Coming soon: Team mapping

Represent your team according to the personality types of your colleagues and ensure that communication and organisation are optimal.

Coming soon: My talents

Discover your natural talents, which you can bring to the fore effortlessly

Download the free ComColors application directly from your browser

(From your smartphone, it’s even better!)

Understand ComColors in a fun way

“Working together”: the serious game

Capture du module e-learning "Travailler ensemble" de ComColors

A fun digital tool for understanding the 6 personality types

ComColors has developed an e-learning module to provide a fun way of learning about personality types.

It features a project team under pressure from the client. The aim of this e-learning is to get each player to recognise themselves among the 6 personality types and then understand their own reaction to stress.

Secondly, this serious game illustrates the relational tensions caused by the natural misunderstandings between the different personality types. The aim is to explain the causes and provide keys to improving relationships.

The “Working Together” serious game won the Grand Jury Award at the E-learning Excellence Awards in 2012.

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