ComColors: a unique and innovative approach

I created the ComColors model in 2005, by combining the most positive and relevant elements of each existing model. It’s an innovative approach that promises only what it can deliver, and for which I’ve designed some unique tools.

In fact, 18 years on, the ComColors approach is still as robust as ever, and is a firm favourite with companies and individuals alike.

Franck Jullien

The ComColors philosophy

In the ComColors approach, there are no faults to correct in order to be better, nor skills to develop in order to perform better. However, you do need to develop a better understanding of yourself in order to :

Be more motivated by having a better understanding of your internal states

Understand your specific contribution to a team

Improve personal and professional relationships

Better manage stressful situations

De-escalate tense relationships in time to avoid conflict

The specific features of the ComColors model

The ComColors model may have been inspired by existing models, but its approach and tools are unique.

Innovation no. 1: the contribution of science

ComColors has chosen to base its model on an in-depth psychometric analysis, to guarantee the reliability of its analysis and results, and thus ensure the credibility of its approach. This approach took shape thanks to 18 months of in-depth research with Fabien Fenouillet, a doctor of psychology specialising in theories of motivation. We succeeded in establishing 6 unique profiles whose characteristics are expressed mathematically in the processing of the questionnaire created for ComColors.

More specifically, ComColors psychometrics measures 3 behaviours specific to each personality type:




Innovation no. 2: validation of the self-assessment

The process of discovering your ComColors profile begins with an 80-question self-assessment questionnaire. You then obtain your profile, which shows the proportions in which the 6 colours of the model are expressed.

Most other personality type models rely solely on these results to explain how you function. In contrast, ComColors uses the individual debriefing to challenge the results of the questionnaire.

It is necessary to challenge the profile obtained before validating it or not, because your answers to the questionnaire are based on self-perception. They are therefore potentially at odds with reality!

That’s why, in the ComColors approach, the declarative data needs to be challenged in order to rule out anything that might have interfered with the identification of the personality type, such as social desirability or learned behaviour.

This debriefing is therefore a key stage in the process of identifying personality type, enabling us to obtain relevant results.

Innovation no. 3: the ComColors app

The ComColors app helps you apply the ComColors model on a daily basis. For example:

  • The “Motivation” function sends you daily notifications to encourage you to satisfy the motivation specific to your personality type and keep your energy up for the long term;
  • The “Manage the relationship” function allows you to identify the personality type of a colleague, spouse, etc. and then receive advice on how to improve understanding and communication with that person.

The ComColors app is the tool that accompanies you on a daily basis, enabling you to take care of yourself and improve your relationships easily!

The whole ComColors model in your smartphone!

Download the free ComColors App directly from your browser to try out the modules you can use every day: motivation, identifying the colours of your relationships, relationship management, stress management, preparing for an appointment, and much more!

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