Become a ComColors certified trainer

You’re a trainer or coach, or you’re considering a career change.
What if now was the time to become a ComColors certified trainer?

The ComColors model is a fun tool that has been acclaimed by companies in France and abroad.

Becoming a ComColors certified trainer means acquiring a flexible, simple and effective tool that adapts to your customers’ expectations and will give you a real competitive edge.

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You want to…

Master a French personality model, the most recent on the market (2006), which is both fun and educational, and can be used in training, coaching and supporting teams.

You’re looking for…

A robust, scientifically-validated model that you can quickly apply to your training courses.

You need…

Innovative tools and resources to enhance your training and coaching.

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A wide range of applications for businesses and consumers

Thanks to the ComColors model, you can offer specific solutions to your customers’ needs:

  • Team cohesion ;
  • Conflict management;
  • Stress management;
  • Leadership;
  • Public speaking;
  • Increasing sales performance;

A turnkey training course

ComColors offers a turnkey training course that you can put into practice as soon as you finish your apprenticeship. You have access to : 

  • The ComColors app and all its features for leading your training courses and supporting your trainees;
  • The training material (powerpoint presentation);
  • The serious game “Working together”, which illustrates the 6 personality types in a playful way;
  • The ComColors personality questionnaire and the profiles of your trainees;
  • The book “Discovering your personality and that of others”;

The power of the ComColors network

By becoming a ComColors certified trainer: 

  • You follow a course that is 93% recommended by your peers (TopFormation figures);
  • You join a network of over 400 professionals who meet regularly to share and improve their practices;
  • You will be included in the online directory of certified trainers;
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ComColors certified trainers meet twice a year

Franck Jullien offers ComColors certified trainers the opportunity to meet twice a year to discuss the challenges of the profession and best practice, and to allow everyone to tackle the topics of their choice. It’s a chance to ask questions, network, form working groups and share methods in a friendly atmosphere. It’s a great way to strengthen and expand the ComColors network!

Registration: practical information

Next training course leading to certification
in the ComColors model

We organise 2 ComColors certification training sessions per year.
The number of places is limited, so don’t wait to register!

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Duration: 150 hours

Prerequisites: Good self-knowledge, ability to challenge oneself. A telephone interview via Teams/Zoom or in person will take place before final registration

Methods: Hybrid training (synchronous remote sessions + asynchronous remote personal work)

Accessibility for people with disabilities: Contact us

Financing: Contact us

Details of sessions: Consult the registration form (downloadable below)

Objectives of the certification course:

  • Master the concepts of the ComColors model to deliver ComColors training courses;
  • Understand different facilitation techniques and optimise the trainer’s posture (win-win);
  • Mastering the ComColors profile debriefing technique;
  • Use the profile in teams to facilitate team cohesion or teambuilding;
Objectives of the complementary “teaching and marketing” module: 3 days
  • Broaden your range of interventions;
  • Revisit the trainer’s skills using the ComColors model: identify a customer’s needs;
  • Know how to design an educational programme and use teaching methods adapted to the training;
  • Knowing how to sell yourself and your knowledge/services at the right price;

Methods used / Content:

  • Deliver training courses in a number of areas: stress and time management, interpersonal communication, team building, management and sales;
  • Training in a complete tool without additional training;
  • Immediate use of the concepts;
  • Practice during a training session or individual interview;
  • Filmed role-playing;
  • Exercises, digital tools, e-learning ;
  • Presentations ;
  • Setting up peer groups;
  • Long-term training;

Assessment methods:

  • Formative assessments of training sequences;
  • Regular inter-sessional assessments of the previous session;
  • Theoretical digital test before final certification;

How to register to become a ComColors certified trainer:

Contact us to receive the registration form. Return it to us by email or post.

Request the registration form

Registration: practical information

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