Discover your ComColors profile

Your ComColors profile contains essential information about how you function on a daily basis. Discovering the colours of your personality is the key to reconnecting with your true motivation!

I want to discover my ComColors profile

Step 1: Self-assessment

The ComColors questionnaire

Your introspection

98 questions

10-20 minutes

Your path to your ComColors profile begins with a questionnaire of 98 questions, which you fill in quietly on your own. The aim is to bring out your natural behaviours and test which traits you display most frequently in your day-to-day life.

Your answers will then be analysed through the prism of psychometrics. You will obtain results in the form of percentages for each of the 6 colours in the ComColors model. The two highest percentages represent your dominant colour and your secondary colour.

These results will be presented to you during the second stage: validation of your profile during the individual debriefing.

Stage 2: validating your answers

Individual debriefing

A free discussion with a trainer/coach

100% confidential

60 minutes by video or face-to-face

The individual debriefing is a free discussion between you and a ComColors trainer to validate your results following the questionnaire. The aim is not simply to explain the personality type obtained, but to challenge it fully in order to avoid self-perception bias.

Step 3: A written assessment of your personality

Your profile validated!

A new look at yourself

Practical tools that are easy to implement

Your 20-page personality assessment

Your individual debriefing has enabled you to distinguish between your natural behaviours and your learned behaviours. You now have access to your ComColors profile. This is your personality assessment. It’s a 20-page illustrated document containing all the information you need about your colours, as well as practical advice on how to improve your communication and boost your motivation.

  • Your personality traits
  • Your favourable working environment
  • Your perception filter
  • The core of your motivation
  • Your organisational style
  • Your preferred roles in a team
  • Your behaviour under stress

You can now find all this information in the ‘My profile’ tab of the ComColors app, using the same login and password.

They discovered their ComColors profile: testimonials

Thank you to Comcolors and Franck for the debriefing. With professionalism and pleasantness, he helped me to discover my personality and to understand why I reacted in such and such a way in different types of situation!

Olivier22nd August 2023

Thanks to ComColors and the debriefing with Franck Jullien, I've discovered exactly what my personality type is! The clarity this gives me means that in just a few hours/days I can take better care of my motivation and be more lucid when I'm under stress. As the father of 2 children, I now have the keys to understanding them better and communicating with them more effectively. To be shared!

Cédric11 July 2023

When I filled the questionnaire, I was looking for an answer to who I really was, so that I could work effectively on setting up my own business. It took Franck a little while to find my dominant colour because it was well hidden, particularly by my upbringing, but he found it! I'm still amazed! Many thanks to Franck for his invaluable help!

Martine17 June 2022

Thank you so much for allowing me to answer the "why" and "how" questions that have been lying dormant deep inside me for years. The best thing about this method is the live discussion with a professional, which makes it possible to go deeper into the questionnaire. I hope that this method will be used in all educational establishments, which will enable the youngest children to discover and develop themselves.

Saïd8 June 2022

After testing the DISC / Enneagram / Process Comm model, I was looking for a model that would be 100% reliable, with clear guidelines for managing my behaviour. With Comcolors, I have a better understanding of how I function and of my natural/innate success strategies. The process: 1) The questionnaire is simple and intuitive. 2) The debriefing is inspiring and educational.

Ghislain24 May 2022
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Frequently asked questions about your ComColors profile

What's the point of knowing your colours?

Knowing the colours of your personality allows you to become aware of your strengths and reconnect with your motivation to reduce the manifestation of your behaviour under stress. It also enables you to avoid conflict situations and understand your added value in a team. In short, it’s a new way of looking at yourself, and a chance to express your true personality!

Why does the ComColors questionnaire have to be combined with a one-hour individual debriefing ?

All questionnaires based on self-perception measure how you perceive yourself. However, the ComColors approach seeks to put you back in touch with your true motivations. That’s why we’re going to question your self-perception together during the individual debriefing. The aim is to bring out your deepest personality, the one that drives you and gives you unlimited energy!

I'd like to give a ComColors profile and individual debriefing as a gift. Is that possible?

Of course! It is very important that you enter the email address of the person to whom you wish to give the gift and not your own, so that they can receive the access codes and make an appointment.

If you would like to receive an invoice, tell us it’s a gift in the box provided and enter your email and billing details so that we can send it to you separately.

What is included in the price?

  • The questionnaire ;
  • The one-hour individual debriefing by video with a certified trainer;
  • Your 25-page personality assessment with your detailed profile: your favourable environment, your communication style, your motivation, your behaviour under stress and in conflict, and your role in a team;
  • Access to the features of the ComColors app: personalised daily or weekly advice on how to stay positive!

Your ComColors profile step by step

What happens once I have paid?

You will be emailed access codes to complete the ComColors questionnaire;

Once the questionnaire has been completed, you select the date and time for your video debriefing;

You will then receive confirmation by email with the Zoom link to use for your appointment;

It’s time for your debriefing! You will see your results, which will serve as a starting point for the discussion with your trainer. Your dominant and secondary colours are validated;

Once the interview is over, you’ll receive a detailed, personalised report on your ComColors profile by email (20 pages in PDF format);

I've made my payment but can't find a time that suits me

We regularly release appointment slots. Please keep an eye out for upcoming dates. Send us an email with some of your availabilities if you need to!

I have filled the questionnaire but have not received my results by email

The results of the questionnaire will be given to you at your appointment. This result is not definitive and will be discussed during your individual debriefing. You will confirm your dominant and secondary colours with the ComColors trainer. At the end of this meeting, you will receive your full profile by email, around twenty pages long.

What happens during the individual debriefing?

At the appointment time, log on to Zoom using the link you will have received by email beforehand. This is a completely confidential one-hour meeting with a caring ComColors trainer who is there to listen to you.

If you’re curious about the process, I filmed a debriefing with Gabrielle (French with English subtitles):

Do you have any other questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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