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ComColors solutions for schools help you to support your students in developing their interpersonal skills and acquiring the soft skills that are essential to their professional integration.

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Knowing your motivation for better career guidance

Your students have entered your school, but their choices of career don’t stop there. Their specialities, their future field of expertise, and even the company they will join are crucial decisions they still have to make.

The ComColors approach puts the emphasis on getting to know yourself, your motivation and your preferred working environment, so that you can find your place and your strengths. For your students, discovering their personality type enables them to understand how they naturally function and to reveal the conditions in which they thrive. This information can be used on a daily basis to improve the way they study and work, and also to stimulate their commitment to their course.

It’s a real roadmap that they can follow to make the right career choices for the long term. The ComColors model does not provide answers as to what career an individual can pursue, but rather where to find the motivation to flourish in any career.

The example of Benjamin

Photo d'un jeune homme

Benjamin is in his 5th year of engineering school. Many options are opened to him for the start of his professional career. His ComColors profile shows that he is a type Orange, meaning that he is naturally oriented towards others and that he finds his motivation in the quality of the relationships he can build with his colleagues.

To put himself in the best possible position to succeed, it’s in his best interests to pay attention to the atmosphere at work during his job interviews. Is he made to feel welcome, does the person he’s talking to smile at him, what is the company doing to strengthen the bond between teams? By monitoring how he feels during his interview, Benjamin will be able to ensure that the specific needs of the orange type – having the opportunity to bond with his peers – are met.

Learning to work in a team

Working in a team requires good communication and an appropriate role for each member of the group: two aspects that are specific to each personality type.

Mastering the ComColors model enables your students to understand the mechanisms of communication for the 6 colours, and therefore to communicate more effectively with others to get their message across.

By the same token, a student who understands how they operates will be able to discover their strengths and the role that best suits them within a work team.

The ComColors model is a tool that will make all the difference to your students’ ability to work effectively in a team.

The example of Manon, Laura and Youssef

Photo d'une jeune femme
Photo d'une jeune femme
Photo d'un jeune homme

As part of their higher education course, Manon, Laura and Youssef were asked to work on a project together. All three have very different rhythms and working methods. Knowing their respective colours has enabled them to organise themselves efficiently and make the most of their specific strengths:

  • Manon, a blue type, has naturally positioned herself as project leader. She organises and plans tasks. Her attention to detail ensures the quality of the work delivered.
  • Laura, an orange type, is the most motivated when she works with others. In fact, she was in charge of relations with the partners to carry out their preparatory study.
  • Youssef, a green type, needs time to develop his ideas. That’s why he sometimes prefers to work on his own. His contribution to the project was decisive thanks to the amount of information he gathered before choosing a solution to the problem.

In the end, Manon, Laura and Youssef produced a very good project while maintaining their motivation throughout the year. All this by respecting their own ways of working and building on their natural strengths.

The basic ComColors module for schools

1-day ComColors for Schools seminar
+ Unlimited ComColors App


The ComColors seminar for students is a fun and interactive one-day training course with the following objectives:

Objective 1


During the seminar, your students will discover:

thématique 1

Practical application and follow-up: the ComColors app

The ComColors app helps users to get the most out of the ComColors model in everyday situations. Following the seminar, each student receives unlimited access to all the app’s functions.

ComColors tailor-made for your students

ComColors students’ journey

We offer tailor-made courses to help your students get to know themselves better and make better career choices. Contact us to find out about the possibilities in terms of levels, duration and integration into your curriculum.

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