The 2-day ComColors course: discovering yourself and others

You want to be heard, have positive and peaceful relationships, or find a job that allows you to flourish.

The 2-day ComColors training course takes you on a journey of self-discovery, to discover the elements that will make you successful, and to learn how to communicate better with others and make yourself heard.

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Discover the factors behind your success

It’s easy to get caught up in external pressures – from family, school or work – and forget who we really are in the process. This is what we call internal conflict.

The 2-day ComColors course will help you rediscover this link with yourself and discover :

  • Your natural strengths
  • What resources and motivates you
  • What job would allow you to be yourself, quite simply!

The complete personality assessment is included in the ComColors 2-day course. It includes:

  • The online ComColors questionnaire;
  • The validation debriefing;
  • The complete assessment in the form of a 20-page document.

Understanding others better

The ComColors model is not just about getting to know yourself. It also focuses on others, and gives you the opportunity to discover the 6 personality types.

Thanks to this training course, you will learn to identify the personality type of your spouse, colleague or parent, so that you can better decipher their behaviour and way of communicating. You will discover the different ways in which they operate and how they influence your day-to-day interactions.

You’ll learn how to put in place more effective and fluid communication to improve your relationships, enhance your leadership and have more impact when you speak.

By registering for the training course, you will gain unlimited access to all the modules of the ComColors app, giving you all the tools you need to put the ComColors model into practice in your day-to-day life.

Understanding and applying the ComColors model

2-day ComColors training course

The 6 personality types

The favourable environment

Perception and communication filters

Motivation specific to each personality type

Stress management

The training programme is interspersed with interactive elements and film extracts that illustrate the concepts of the ComColors model in a playful way.

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Duration: 2 days (14 hours)

Prerequisites: None

Methods: Distance or face-to-face training, use of digital tools

Accessibility for people with disabilities: Contact us

Price: Contact us


  • Become aware of the differences in perception between different personality types;
  • Learn how to adapt your speech to get your message across;
  • Invoke your sources of motivation;
  • Know how to manage conflict;
  • Identify your added value in a team.

Assessment methods

Participants take quizzes throughout the course to validate their knowledge acquisition.

Methods used / Content

  • Knowing how to use the different personality colours;
  • Using communication filters adapted to the person you are talking to;
  • Managing your own energy levels and stress;
  • Deciphering the conditional and negative behaviours of the other person and knowing how to respond;
  • Being able to maintain a quality relationship even in conflict situations;
  • Knowing how to satisfy the deepest motivations of our contacts;
  • ComColors questionnaire ;
  • Theoretical input ;
  • Use of video sequences to illustrate the various training concepts;
  • Quizzes and digital feedback exercises to help you integrate the concepts covered.

They attended the 2-day ComColors training course

It's hard not to recommend this course. Whether it's for personal or professional reasons, it's very fulfilling. The explanations are clear, structured and illustrated with relevant examples. Everything is done to make it as easy as possible to understand, whatever your personality type. The concept has been very well thought out. Simply excellent. Well done


This course is very well structured and comprehensive! It's a real discovery of our own personality and that of others, with the aim of improving our relationships so that everyone can allow themselves to be who they really are. The final debriefing is one of the highlights of the course. I recommend it 100%!


Very informative and easy to follow! The trainer was a great teacher. I really enjoyed following all the modules. Useful information for improving your relationships with others.


This training really opens your eyes to the existence of different personality types, each with a different perception of things. The ComColors model is absolutely fascinating, and very comprehensive. This training enables you to become more aware of yourself and to change your point of view, which has a very positive impact on your relationships with others.


Excellent training, both in terms of content and form. My only regret is that I didn't find out about it sooner. I think it's essential in the workplace to improve relationships. A real discovery about oneself and others that is extremely useful, also in one's personal life. I can only recommend this course. Top, thanks again for the super interesting debriefing.


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