Franck Jullien

How I created the ComColors model

I've spent most of my life studying personality types and I've been a trainer and coach for over 20 years. In 2005, I came up with the ComColors model as a tool to help people understand themselves and others better, to develop their self-confidence and improve their relationships.

Franck Jullien

Passionate about understanding ourselves and others

When I was a teenager, I witnessed the change that could be achieved by working on oneself. I watched people close to me evolve following psychotherapy. This sparked my passion for personal development, and I subsequently began training in the subject. In particular, I’m certified in the following models

  • MBTI
  • Process Communication
  • Belbin: Team Roles
  • Coach & Team
  • NLP Practitioner
  • 101 – Transactional Analysis

In addition, I’m constantly learning about personal development topics, with curiosity and enthousiasm, to better understand myself and enrich my practice as a trainer and coach.

Franck Jullien, créateur du modèle ComColors, présentant les 6 types de personnalité sur scène derrière un pupitre

The birth of the ComColors model

I was convinced that the personality type approach delivered the best results in a healthy and sustainable way. However, after setting up my training organisation, I quickly realised that I couldn’t find a personality type model that specifically met all my expectations. Four criteria were important to me:

Validation of the coachee’s self-perception

The accuracy of the psychometric study of the model

Highlighting the value of the individual rather than imposing change

A sympathetic view of all personality types, in all their diversity and richness.

So I created the ComColors model in 2005 to embody this approach, which is both simple and rigorous, enabling everyone to set off on a journey of self-discovery, and to fully accept themselves by making the most of their many natural strengths. That’s why I’ve combined the most relevant and positive elements of the existing personality type models to create a caring, understandable and accessible approach. I also worked for 18 months with a doctor of psychology to develop a robust psychometric analysis, because it was essential for me to be able to prove that the ComColors approach is backed up by science.

Helping you to reveal who you are

My experience in personal development has given me in-depth expertise in personality types, which I’m keen to pass on to you. Just as I had a trigger that set me on the path to discovering my own way of functioning, I want to offer you the tools to start the journey towards your true personality and that of others.

I have written several books to share the solutions of the ComColors model, and I regularly create content on several platforms to explain the ComColors model through concrete examples and in a fun way.

Follow me on social networks for more explanations, case studies and answers to your questions about personality types: LinkedIn, Youtube, TikTok and Facebook.

So see you soon!

Franck Jullien

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