ComColors Model

Comcolors is a communications model with many applications
ComColors is first and foremost an educational model that can be used in a variety of training situations and contexts.

ComColors was designed to be a straightforward communications model that is simple to understand and simple to work with. The use of a multi-coloured diagram allows the concepts to be grasped quickly and easily by everyone.



The Choice of Colours: 

Each colour can be viewed from various angles, depending on the goal of a particular training session:

  • Communication styles
  • World view
  • Favourite team roles
  • Motivation
  • Behaviour under stress
  • Negative behaviour when in conflict
  • Ideal working environment
  • Each colour’s specific strengths
  • Internal dynamics


Because all of these concepts are represented as colours, individuals can’t be assigned to specific “personality categories”. It is necessary for everyone to understand what each colour represents before talking about it or assigning labels.

Why choose colours ?

  • It prevents negative categorization of others.
  • There are no false ideas about the words used to describe personality types or roles.
  • Each colour and what it represents must be clearly understood before it can be discussed.


Why choose a round diagram?

The round diagram with its six colours was designed as a metaphor for the way the brain functions.

This shape was chosen to demonstrate that everyone has all of these colours inside themselves, just as we all use our whole brains. This metaphor for the brain is above all an easy way to memorise the different parts of an individual’s personality. Of course, research shows that our brains are much richer and more complex than the simple diagram presented here. However, this metaphor allows the basic concepts of ComColors to be readily available and accessible to all.

The outer circle

The outer circle represents the filter through which we perceive the outside world and the way we communicate with this world. Each colour uses its own communication filter.

The inner circle

The inner circle represents our beating heart. It represents the inner force that pushes us to make certain choices and decisions, and to lead our lives the way we do.

The outer arrows

The outer arrows deepen our understanding of the six colours and serve as precious guides to people who are embarking on a career path or who are looking for a change.