The ComColors model is a simple and educational approach to improve your interpersonal communication, to know yourself better in order to take possession of your own potential and to develop your personal power by drawing on your strengths.

Duration : 150 hours

Prerequisite :

Have a good knowledge of yourself, be able to question yourself. A phone or face-to-face interview will takes place before final registration.

Training mode: hybrid training (face-to-face, digital learning)

Access delay:

  • Distance learning

Price list :contact us


  • Master the concepts of the ComColors model to lead ComColors training courses
  • Understand different animation techniques and optimize your posture as a trainer (win-win)
  • Master the technique of debriefing the ComColors profile
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  • Goals of the additional module “education and marketing”: 3 days

  • Broaden one’s range of interventions
  • Revisit the skills of the trainer through the ComColors model : Knowing how to identify a client’s needs
  • Knowing how to design an educational process and using the teaching methods adapted to the training
  • Knowing how to sell yourself and knowing how to sell your knowledge / services at the right price

Methods / Content

  • Lead training in several areas: stress and time management, interpersonal communication, team cohesion, management, sales
  • Provide a learning tool without additional training
  • Immediate use of concepts
  • Train during a training or individual interview
  • Filmed scenario
  • Exercices, digital,tools E-Learnings
  • Presentations
  • Constitution of peer groups
  • Long-term training

Assessment methods : Formative evaluations of the training sequences , regular inter-session evaluations on the previous session, theoretical digital test before final certification

Accessibilité aux personnes handicapées : nous contacter


The ComColors model is rich, comprehensive and can be used in different ways: training sessions, team management, individual support…

The training of trainers seminar allows each participant to develop their own training modules to integrate the concepts presented during the seminar.

Those who pass the ComColors certification can have their contact details in our online directory, so that potential customers (individuals and businesses) can contact them directly.

Finally, you will be part of a network of consultants and trainers, to exchange ideas and create professional links.


All the solutions described in this page are accessible without time limit to all ComColors certified trainers / coaches.

These exclusive and innovative tools can be offered by the trainers to their clients according to their needs and defined budgets.


Comcolors personality profile

The ComColors model questionnaire measures 6 personality types represented by colors and 3 axes represented by arrows around the ComColors diagram.
For each personality type, the questionnaire specifically measures motivation, behaviors under stress and conflicting behaviors. The questionnaire also measures the dimensions Introvert-Extrovert / Creative-Concrete / Flexible-Structure.
For each type of personality, the ComColors profile presents the qualities, favorable environments, perceptions, motivation, behaviours under stress, conflicting behaviours, team roles and the 3 axes already mentioned.


The ComColors model also offers a team profile for team building. This profile indicates the role that each team member occupies. It specifies the role played when the atmosphere in the team is positive but also how the role changes when the pressure rises in the team. This profile is used to make a team diagnosis and to measure the team’s performance. Used for team cohesion, the team profile improves communication within the team. It promotes mutual aid and synergies between team members.He gives managers the keys to better manage the team.


The E-learning ComColors received the grand jury prize at the E-learning excellence awards in 2012. It features a project team that is subject to customer pressure. The goal of this E-learning is to get each player to recognize themselves among the 6 personality types in order to understand their own reaction to stress. Secondly, this E-learning highlights the relational tensions due to natural misunderstandings between the different types of personality. The goal is then to explain the causes and to provide the keys to improving relationships.

It is possible to follow this e-learning in 5 languages: French, English, Spanish, Italian and Polish. LThe voices were produced by native speakers of each language. The quality of voices and performance is the result of a careful selection of actors and their direction during the recording.

For some customers who have chosen this E-learning, the participation rate exceeds 50% of all employees. This result is all the more important as this E-learning is not compulsory.


The world is changing and so are learning styles. The trainer sees his role evolve to move from the posture of teacher to the posture of facilitator. His role is no longer to deliver a message but to allow participants to share experiences and knowledge. The smartphone application we offer is part of this transition. It is no longer just the trainer who gives feedback, but the trainees among themselves. Thanks to our digital application, it is possible to create quizzes and feedback exercises.The trainees give each other feedback and each receives the perception of the others on their phone.

It is therefore possible to conduct seminars for up to 100 people in sub-groups of 4 to 6 people. The facilitator manages the exercises and the feedback results from his smartphone. With ease.


A personal coach in one’s pocket

It is once the training is completed that the learning anchor begins. During the seminar, everyone has identified their personality type, learned to identify that of others but this does not mean that the learner has acquired relational reflexes. The ComColors “Relationship Manager” App allows:

  1. identify the type of personality of the interlocutor,
  2. analyze interactions with their own personality profile
  3. subscribe to each other’s colour
  4. receive personalized advice every day to improve the relationship with others


Positive self-coaching

The goal of the ComColors approach is to allow yourself to be yourself.

To allow yourself to be who you are is to recognize your functioning without judgment, to understand what drives you and then focus on the positive aspects of your personality type.

At the end of the ComColors training, each participant can decide to subscribe to his color on the ComColors App to receive daily advice to satisfy his motivation. Our observation is that habits die hard and that help is needed to reconnect with what drives us deeply. The ComColors “Motivation” App is made for that.



A personal coach in your pocket

Once salespeople trained in the ComColors model allow themselves to sell according to their own personality and that their sales have increased significantly, they want to go further to personalize their customer approach.

The ComColors “Sales” App was designed for that. Here how it works

  1. the seller identifies his sales style: dominant or secondary colour
  2. he identifies his client’s profile in the ComColors App
  3. he compares the interaction between his selling style and his client’s buying style
  4. he follows the advice of the maintenance guide to close his sale at his next meeting


A successful team

Once the team building seminar is over, everyone understands how they operate and that of the others.Greater tolerance has emerged in the team but some tensions are still there.

The ComColors “Team Cohesion” App allows:

  1. find the coloUrs of the team members in their smartphone
  2. analyze the interactions between their own profile and that of each member of the team
  3. receive daily personalized advice to improve team relations
  4. unsubscribe and subscribe to another person as many times as you want


Evaluation de la formation certifiant au modèle ComColors

Note moyenne 4.6/5 basée sur 111 avis (top formation)

La formation m’a apporté des connaissances intéressantes pour mon travail ?


Recommanderiez-vous cette formation à vos ami(e)s ou collègues


Le contenu de la formation était suffisant pour que je puisse progresser


Mon apprentissage a été renforcé par les connaissances et l'expérience du formateur


Le formateur a su s'adapter à mes besoins (prise en compte du contexte professionnel)


Les supports utilisés pendant la formation étaient utiles pour apprendre (livre, manuel, mémo)


La durée de la formation était adaptée


Le rythme de la formation a favorisé mon apprentissage (difficulté, équilibre théorie/pratique)


Moyenne générale


3 sessions de formation de formateur ComColors à distance / 1 formateur a délivré la formation / 3 stagiaires sur 3 ont répondu du 19/10/18 au 10/04/20

100 % des stagiaires ont donné leur avis

Présentation du parcours

à la préparation et certification au modèle ComCOLORS®

Former, enseigner et coacher avec le modèle ComColors

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