ComColors, communication colours

shutterstock_125338145The ComColors model is a new and simple approach to understand one’s communication mode, have keys to understand the communication mode of others and is meant to reveal everyone’s potential .

The training objectives are :

– Understand the different perceptions according to different personality types.
– Learn to adapt one’s discourse to pass one’s messages efficiently.
– Motivate others.
– Learn how to manage conflits and difficult situations.

– Comprendre la complémentarité des rôles dans une équipe
Evaluation trainings down below

  • Identify one’s value in a working team.
  • Have a “win-win” relationship even in difficult situations.
  • Get one’s massage heard by very different persons.
  • Motivate people one is in contact with.
  • Have work teams working well together.
  • Learn personal communication patterns in order to enhance our time and potential.
  • Learn how to identify the various communication colours.
  • Learn how to use communication filters to the person you are talking to.
  • Learn how to handle your own level of energy and stress.
  • Undestand the conditional and negative behaviors of the person you are talking to.
  • Be able to maintain a good relationship even in difficult situations.
  • Savoir satisfaire les motivations profondes de nos interlocuteurs.
  • Each participant fills an auto-analysis questionnaire in order to realise his profile in colours,
  • Theoretical concepts,
  • Use of video extracts showing the different concepts explained throughout the training,
  • Exercices, role games,
  • Studies of situations experienced by the trainees,
  • Rehearsal in situation of what we have learned,
  • Video Supervision.

Evaluation of the Comcolors communication colors training

Would you recommend this training to friends or colleagues ?
I implemented interesting knowledge for my work ?
There was enough training content to make me learn more ?
The instructor’s knowledge raised my learning experience ?
My needs were taken into account ( professional environment …) ?
The training documents were useful for my learning (books, attendee book, memo…) ?
The training rythm raised my learning experience (difficulties, balance, theory/exercises) ?
Average satisfaction on the above items

This evaluation took place in 2016 with 27 trainings sessions (254 people) in 4 different sectors of activity (Bank, Insurance, Industry and Computer companies) and with 4 different instructors.