Six personality types

Here’s a presentation of our model
Here’s a presentation of the 6 personality types

The ComColors model is based on 6 personality types and 3 axes. We all have these types but with a different level of energy for each according to our profile. In addition, we have a preference on each of the 3 axes. This double reading makes it possible to obtain a precise definition of the operating mode of each.

Be yourself to succeed

The approach of the ComColors model is to value the positive aspects of each type and therefore individuals. By using the ComColors model, you will discover its natural mode of operation. Pedagogy is simple and fun for those who use it.

Psychometric property of the questionnaire

The psychometric validation of the ComColors questionnaire was developed under the direction of a PhD psychologist. The most recent tools from the current psychometric methodologies were used for this validation (2012).

Answer on line

Our questionnaire is made of 98 questions and allows us to evaluate 14 parameters. Once the personality test is completed, please get in touch with the trainer who gave you your username and password to obtain your personality profile.

Percentage distribution for each personality type

Yellow type
Blue type
Purple type
Green type
Orange Type
Red type


Video presentation of the 6 types


Video presentation of the ComColors® model